Chip & Dale Homes

Chip & Dale Homes



Chip and Dale Homes was a major leasehold improvement project that converted a church into a wheelchair-accessible day program facility. The interior housed residential space remodelled to include 10 commercial office spaces, a new board room, two wheelchair-accessible washrooms, and a fully equipped staff room.

Structurally, this required a new floor plan that involved framing, drywall, painting interior walls, widening doors, and installing lifts. The electrical system was updated, with new data lines for each office, and a lighting plan was developed and implemented for all facility rooms.

Exterior work included building an addition requiring new concrete piles and a pad to be poured, framing walls, and installing the roof, eaves, and downspouts. A 34-spot parking lot was added, which required tree removal, paving, and concrete.

The result was a facility designed to meet the diverse needs of a corporate office combined with programming requirements.




CH Built has experience in large-scale projects requiring the dismantling of previous exteriors, replacing insulation, and reconstructing the exterior. Replacing stucco and siding increases a property’s visual appeal, while insulation saves energy dollars over the long term. The exterior of your property makes the first impression, so updating the façade is a good investment.

CH Built has experience in large-scale projects requiring the dismantling of facades, replacement of insulation, and exterior reconstruction. Our team begins with an assessment of the underlying structure to determine if foundational work is needed before proceeding with the exterior finishing. The layers of underlying material, insulation, and exterior finishing must all work well together to create a durable result.