In this blog, CH Built is thrilled to share the details of our recent 2024 Annual Celebration. We decided to go with a time travel theme, allowing for both eccentric decorations and funny moments. Further, we believe our science fiction-esque dinner party was definitely one to remember.


2024 Annual Celebration


Campbell & Haliburton Group of Companies came together to celebrate this year’s annual dinner party! It was an exciting night with staff members attending from each CH Group company. We had the myCH.ca insurance crew, construction team, and property management group come for a celebration of the previous year. However, the most exciting part of this celebration was the theme.


Time Travel


This year’s theme for the event was time travel. Staff members were encouraged to dress up from any era they so pleased – whether that be from centuries ago or of something in the future. We originally had a difficult time deciding the best way to decorate a time travel party. Then we figured we had to use items and knick-knacks from every holiday and era that we possibly could. We went from Christmas to St. Patrick’s Day, sparkling in some 80s and medieval-themed decorations as well. This is only to name a few. The funniest decorations we made were photocopies of staff both aged and made youthful (even though they already are of course)!


Check out our President, John Grant, and his hilarious timeline:



Wrapping Up A Great Year


As we wrap up our 2024 annual celebration, we’re excited to travel back to the present with each of our companies and all our team members. This was a particularly great year for CH Built for many reasons, however, our fantastic staff and friends have to be the most important part. Further, we’re excited to see what this next year brings and what new theme we will have for our 2025 annual celebration.


Our Annual Dinner Party